Our First Formal Advertising Campaign

2017 – A Different Kind of Year

2017 is going to be a different kind of year for FatLab, LLC. In 2016 we grew by 55.6% (measured in revenue), grew our personnel and put a lot of work into focusing on particular markets including association web support, agency support partnerships and simply organizing our services into a series of defined website maintenance plans.

One big focus in 2017 will be growing our association and nonprofit client base. Don’t worry we still plan to continue to support other sectors, this is just a particular focus with the addition of Ritz Penaranda who joined last year with over 14 years web project management experience in the association space.

Our First “Real” Advertising Campaign

To kick off this new focus, we have just launched our first formal advertising campaign. Sure, I have done a few hundred bucks in Google ads over the years but this is our first formal targeted campaign of significant size and cost. To date over 90% of our business comes from word of mouth and the rest from Google searches.

Starting on January 1 we are running a series of banner ads with the American Society of Association Executives’ web property associationsnow.com and their associated newsletters. The banner ads click through to a specially designed landing page which can be seen here.

We have two distinct campaigns running which I am referring to as “Sleep” and “Mistakes”. The art work is below and I believe you will quickly see why I have nicknamed the campaigns as such.

A Plan Designed for Associations

In particular we are promoting our Top Dog Management plan which is our customizable website maintenance plan. This plan was designed particularly for associations which may run multiple websites, applications and/or have more complex setups such as membership databases, third-party integrations and maybe a mix of technologies. The plan does not have a set price as each plan is customized for the particular client. However the end result is an all inclusive flat rate web support plan which can include hosting and/or dedicated infrastructure.

As with all of our offerings the primary focus of these plans is client service of the highest level and security/stability for their applications and websites.

On a Personal Note…

I’m obviously very nervous about this campaign as it is our first “real” campaign and of significant cost – I really hope it all pays off. I believe we have the personnel, the services and the infrastructure in place; in fact we have several clients already under such plans – but can we be good sales people (insert cheesy grin here)?

Ad Artwork:

small web advertisement for web support

banner advertisement for web support

large banner advertisement for web support

puppy mistake web advertisement

puppy mistake web banner

puppy mistake large web banner

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Post by Shane Larrabee

Shane Larrabee is founder of FatLab, LLC and has over 20 years experience as a business leader, web developer and online communication consultant.