General Policies

General Policies

The following is a “working document” where we will keep our general policies up to date.

Support Services

The support policy of FatLab, LLC is as simple as “to the best of our ability”. We give our word that we will work against any challenge or issue to the absolute best of our ability. Though we are experts in our field, we are not miracle works and are only human so we believe this is the best guarantee that we can provide.

Hosting Infrastructure (Location and Monitoring)

FatLab maintains all infrastructure within a managed account at Cloudways. All infrastructure is monitored 24/7/365 by Cloudways and FatLab, LLC.

Hosted Email

As of 2017 we are no longer accepting new email hosting clients. Due to the nature of email we find that our clients would be better served working with a specialized email provider such as Rackspace or Google G-Suite. At the time of this writing we have no plans to discontinue current email services for clients that currently utilize them.

Email Support

We monitor our systems 24/7/365 and will respond to any issue that may impede email transactions. If any such issue occurs please open a ticket by sending an email to [email protected] or by visiting

We are happy to setup new email accounts and aliases for you as the need arises or can set you up with administrator access to manage your inboxes yourself. Desktop, software and device support is provided to the best of our ability and is not guaranteed – i.e. we will make sure that all email systems are up and running but might not be able troubleshoot individual software or device setups. If you are having trouble setting up any particular divide we provide account specific instructions at (have your email address and password available).

Third-Party Billing

FatLab does not provide or support third-party billing. The party for whom we do the work for, the party from whom we receive our orders from is the financially responsible party. We are happy to send a copy of the invoice or bill a credit card of a party that is not named on the invoice. However the invoice will remain in the name of our direct client and we consider them responsible for all payments. Non-payment may result in termination of service including ongoing support, hosting or even our good nature. Like you we work for for money, it’s cold hearted but without we be able to provide the services we do.

We don’t support third-party billing simply because it puts us in a bad position. If the third-party does not pay in a timely fashion then we must cut services to the primary client, which seems a little unfair – and we like to play fair.

Payment (Invoice & Credit Card)

Hosting and monthly support agreements are billed monthly. Clients can choose to make payment by check or ACH. Our invoicing system allows for the saving a of credit card so that monthly charges can be paid automatically. All hourly work is invoiced at the end of the month.

Invoice Terms

For clients that pay by invoice, all invoices are due upon receipt. We will send reminders. Because most of the requests we receive are timely and deadlines are tight, we expect that our clients will also compensate us in a timely manner.

Past Due Payments and Termination of Services

It rarely gets this ugly. For invoices 30 days old a second notice of the outstanding balance will be sent via email and others at 60 and 90 days. At 60 days you will probably get a pleading email and/or phone call. However (and this is important), at 60 days we reserve the right to suspend all support services including hosting services. Hosted sties can be taken offline and will remain offline until payment is received. Honestly, it surprising how quickly this motivates people to get a past due payment in though we wish it never came to this.