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Discover why we at Fatlab made the confident decision to switch from Zendesk to Hubspot as our web support ticket system. Find out all the advantages and features this change has meant for us and our clients.

Introducing innovative high-availability website hosting with auto-scaling: optimized performance redefined.

Our process of transitioning web servers from PHP 7 to the more robust PHP 8. PHP 8 brings substantial benefits, including improved performance and security.

Learn how Fatlab leveraged Artificial Intelligence and creative design concepts to create an entirely new user experience.

Enhance your website’s security and performance with our hosting services, now including CloudFlare’s Enterprise plan at no additional cost. Experience the ultimate combination of protection and speed, raising the bar for hosting standards.

Defend your website against spam and enhance security for your web hosting clients. Discover the benefits of our included service, Akismet, a powerful anti-spam service, to ensure a seamless and spam-free online experience.

A dog’s legacy is typically limited to the memory of its family. However back in 2011, I named this company after the most prominent physical trait of my black lab (Guinness)