FatLab’s New Website Design: A Modern Approach Powered by AI

ai generated website

FatLab has just launched a new website design. The new design replaces the company’s previous photo-heavy site and is an innovative approach and experiment that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate most of the website’s graphics.

Utilizing AI Tools to Design/Build a New Website

The new design was spearheaded by myself, and I refer to myself as a developer, not a designer.

My vision was to use trending AI tools to create a new modern website that breaks just enough traditional design concepts while presenting a bold and professional image for FatLab Web Support. You can be the judge of whether that was accomplished.

Using AI-Generated Art in a Website

One of the critical aspects of the new design was the use of AI-generated art. The images are complex, colorful, and sometimes quite beautiful (in my opinion).

Midjourney for Website Graphic Generation

I used Midjourney, an AI tool that creates images based on user-inputted prompts to achieve this. With Midjourney, I could create unique graphics for our website by simply typing descriptions of the image I was looking for. I chose an “illustrated” look for my design, though photo-realistic images can be generated with the same level of ease.

examples of AI generated images

Midjourney is an AI-powered image creation tool that simplifies the design process for businesses and individuals. The platform uses advanced algorithms to generate unique and professional-looking designs for websites, social media posts, display ads, logos, and more.

Using Midjourney can be an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses and individuals to create high-quality designs that align with their brands. With Midjourney, anyone can create stunning visual content without needing advanced design skills or hiring a professional designer. This may be good or bad; I’ll save that debate for another blog post.

A Human Touch is Still Required

While the new design elements are primarily generated with AI tools, I didn’t rely entirely on them; I still made (human) judgments on many of the website details. AI, for example, does not always follow what I know to be best practices in website development and design, so (human) intervention is occasionally required.

This combination of AI alongside human creativity allowed me to produce unique and, I think, appealing designs without the overhead of a professional designer (again, maybe good, maybe bad).

The Use of Bold Colors

The new design also features non-straight lines, complex gradients, and bold/bright colors. These elements have recently become more prevalent in modern web design, and I exaggerated them a bit to create a distinct look.

AI was not Used for Text Generation (This Time)

The content on the website, however, was not generated using AI tools, though I did use AI to correct punctuation and clean up sentence structure. The focus was on providing a great user experience and accurate and concise information about the services offered by FatLab.

We also had a ton of content already written, and this particular exercise was about updating the design of our website, not the content. A content rewrite would have been another project and extended the time before we could launch this new website.


FatLab’s new website design is a prime example of how AI tools can create stunning visuals and unique aesthetics. The project also highlights how creativity can work alongside innovative technological solutions to create something remarkable.

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