We have always strived to offer a top-of-the-line managed hosting solution tailored specifically for WordPress websites.

FatLab's clients consider their websites mission-critical, so uptime, website security, and web performance are always top-of-mind.

What is Autoscaling

What is AutoscalingAutoscale is designed to keep your website running, scaling resources automatically and in real-time to handle increased traffic flow and technology issues.

In short, You can experience a surge in traffic without worrying about upgrading to a bigger server or plan, as our platform automatically allocates resources based on your website's traffic pattern.

If your website gets a surge of traffic, more CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and PHP Processors are automatically added to handle the load. This is done automatically and within seconds.

Additionally, traffic is routed to an alternative data center if one data center has technical issues. No longer is one machine or server responsible for serving your website, but now unlimited resources are available to you.

With autoscaling, load balancers efficiently distribute traffic, optimizing website speed and performance.

Our fully managed solution delivers high availability, practically infinite autoscaling capacity, and enterprise-level performance.

By covering the most critical aspects that WordPress sites require to perform, we can guarantee high volumes of traffic are handled without any slowdown or crashing.

Additional Web Performance Services Included

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Like our current managed hosting plan, our autoscaling offering also includes a content delivery network (CDN) and edge caching capabilities powered by Cloudflare Enterprise, ensuring rapid content delivery to your customers, irrespective of their physical location.

This is optimized for WordPress, ensuring your website loads the fastest possible without negatively affecting your conversions, Google rankings, and Core Web Vitals; these services improve such metrics.

Database Optimizations

Additionally, the Redis Object Cache Pro plugin, a premium feature that optimizes databases for maximum performance, comes at no extra cost, as it has for some time now with our managed WordPress hosting service.

Web Performance Services IncludedA Real-Time Firewall / Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Moreover, our platform guarantees your website protection against DDoS attacks, malicious traffic, and new online threats with the help of Cloudflare Enterprise's intelligent web application firewall (WAF).

This protection ensures the security of your website, customer data, brand reputation, and revenue.

What Autoscaling Means for Our Clients

"Regular" Traffic Level Clients

Continuing our strong history of providing website performance and security autoscaling allows us even further protection against service disruptions for those clients with steady but lower traffic levels.

High Traffic Level Clients or Those That Experience Traffic Spikes

Experience Traffic SpikesClients who experience spikes in traffic, such as that surrounding involvement in a trade show, event registrations, membership drives, congressional issues coverage, or national media attention, can rest assured that their websites will scale to their traffic levels in real-time. In particular, I see this as an excellent solution for our nonprofit hosting clients who see relatively steady traffic levels except a few high-traffic times per year.

Gone are the days of having to plan high resources for events or being caught off guard by unplanned media attention. We can all rest easy knowing that resources will be added as needed and websites will stay up, running, and fast.

The FatLab Migration Plan

This offering is in beta, and we are currently testing the platform through our hosting partner Cloudways, with which we are a Gold Agency Partner.

As we test this platform and become satisfied it is ready for prime time, we will migrate those clients who could benefit most from its offering first. The process will be done one site at a time so we can adequately test each migration.

We hope that in the near future, all of our clients can take advantage of this incredible technology.