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NPCA Affiliate Website Support

Transition Status


NPCA affiliate websites are in the final stages of development and are scheduled to go live in December 2023. Please note that some information may not be fully transferred at launch due to the extensive volume of sites and content. Rest assured, all content will be moved entirely and available by January 2024. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this exciting transition.

We have already started to receive support requests for domain migration. As of this notice, we are not migrating sites yet. This notice will be updated when the process begins. 

A note about donations: We are working with the new CRM provider to get updated donation links for all affiliates. Until these are in place, donation links will be directed to the old system. Donations will be processed as before until the new system is in place.

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Who We Are

FatLab – Your Web Development and Support Partner. We are a dedicated team contracted to help facilitate the migration from the old system to the new.

As web development and support specialists, we are responsible for the transition of all affiliate websites and are committed to their ongoing hosting and support. Our role extends beyond the migration process, ensuring that each website continues to operate smoothly and efficiently into the future.

Quick Actions


Taking Your Website Live

If you have a custom domain, you must make DNS record changes. DNS records are typically held with the domain registrar (where the domain was purchased). Someone with administrative privileges to the domain will need to make the following changes to their records:

  1. Email [email protected] notifying us of your intention to change your DNS records. Please provide your affiliate name and the custom domain you wish to use. Please wait for our confirmation before moving onto step 2.
  2. Update all A Records for @ and WWW records to the following IPs (most DNS providers should allow multiple A Records for the same host (@ and WWW). Please use both if possible:
  3. Remove all other records pointing to the website; these could be additional A or CNAME records.
  4. Please reply to our email thread or send an email to [email protected] letting us know the changes have been made. We will reply with confirmation. Please allow some time for the full process to complete.

Gaining Administrative Access

Once your website is live, you can request administrative access to control the content on your website.

Please email [email protected] with the name of your affiliate, the names of individuals who should be given administrative access, and their email addresses.

Upon receiving, we will confirm your affiliate status and provide accounts to each individual.

More Information


Limited affiliate support is provided through our agreement with the NPCA. Affiliate administrators will have editorial access to the site to control content. These are WordPress websites; through our partnership with NPCA, we will keep them updated and secure. Currently, providing super admin rights or server access to affiliates is impossible.

Any support inquiries for the affiliate websites should be sent to [email protected].

Hosting and Security

  • Hosting is provided as part of our partnership with NPCA. We monitor the site’s uptime and performance 24/7/365
  • Backups for 90 days are maintained
  • Each website is protected by an enterprise Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • We maintain all software updates for each affiliate site.


Here are some answers to common questions; this section and the rest of this page will be maintained over time.

Can FatLab or NPCA help with DNS record changes during the site migrations?

We will do our best to help you make a smooth migration. However, only the account holder (usually the domain owner) can change DNS records.

We also are not experts in how every domain registrar and DNS record management system works. You may have to contact your registrar/DNS records manager for direct records support. If you do, please provide them with our directions here.

We cannot contact your domain registrar or DNS record manager on your behalf or make the record changes without direct account access.

Can affiliates control content?

Yes, please see the “Gaining Administrative Access” section above.

What platform are the affiliate sites built on?

Like the national website, affiliate sites were transferred to WordPress in late 2023 / early 2024.

Can affiliates install their own plugins?

No, that is not possible at this time, as we are trying to maintain a universal set of functions and capabilities across all affiliate websites.

Can affiliates change the design?

No, that is not possible at this time, as we try to maintain a universal style and branding across all affiliate sites. However, there are certain personalized touches that can be made, such as logo and brand colors seen throughout the site. Of course, the content is 100% yours.

Can affiliates have file and database access?

We cannot give you direct server access at this time. This is to preserve the universal platform of the affiliate sites.

How can we learn how to administrate content in the new system?

We will update this page with instructional videos as we roll out the new websites. These videos will cover how to control the various pages, add and edit events, and news posts.