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NPCA Affiliate Website Support

Transition Status


Migrations are actively happening. At this time, all affiliates should have been contacted. If you have not been contacted, please contact NPCA and make sure the correct contact is being used.


We are actively contacting affiliates as we roll out the websites for launch. Several affiliate sites have already gone live at this time.


We are currently collaborating with the NPCA to launch all new affiliate websites. As we progress with each site, you will receive an email from FatLab Web Support containing the URL for your new website.

Please review the site thoroughly to ensure everything meets your expectations. Upon your approval, we will proceed with the necessary steps to take your website live. Detailed instructions for these steps will be provided in the email and on this page. We will also offer technical support to assist with the required changes to your domain.

All technical support inquiries should be sent to [email protected]

FatLab is a technical implementation partner for NPCA and can only address technical inquiries related to affiliate websites. For all other concerns, please contact the national organization.

NPCA Affiliate Logo

Who We Are

FatLab – Your Web Development and Support Partner. We are a dedicated team contracted to help facilitate the migration from the old system to the new.

As web development and support specialists, we are responsible for the transition of all affiliate websites and are committed to their ongoing hosting and support. Our role extends beyond the migration process, ensuring that each website continues to operate smoothly and efficiently into the future.

Quick Actions


Taking Your Website Live

If you have a custom domain, you must make DNS record changes. DNS records are typically held with the domain registrar (where the domain was purchased). Someone with administrative privileges to the domain will need to make the following changes to their records:


Email [email protected] notifying us of your intention to change your DNS records. Please provide your affiliate name and the custom domain you wish to use. Please wait for our confirmation before moving onto step 2.

Step 2

All instructions are for the base/apex domain and are in {host} -> {value} format.

We use Cloudflare Enterprise as our Firewall and CDN. Please update your DNS records as specified below to direct your site’s traffic through Cloudflare, ensuring enhanced security and performance.

A Records

@ ->
@ ->

CNAME Records
www -> secure.cloudways.cloud

Please ensure these are the only A and CNAME records for @ and www. 

TXT Record

Some domains require us to create an additional text record to verify domain ownership. We will notify you if this is the case, as each TXT record is unique.

Gaining Administrative Access

Once your website is live, we will provide you with editorial access to the website so you can control content and other built-in functions of the site.

As an editorial user, you can add, remove, and manage other editorial users on the site.

More Information


Limited affiliate support is provided through our agreement with the NPCA. Affiliate administrators will have editorial access to the site to control content. These are WordPress websites; through our partnership with NPCA, we will keep them updated and secure. Currently, providing super admin rights or server access to affiliates is impossible.

Any support inquiries for the affiliate websites should be sent to [email protected].

Hosting and Security

  • Hosting is provided as part of our partnership with NPCA. We monitor the site’s uptime and performance 24/7/365
  • Backups for 90 days are maintained
  • Each website is protected by an enterprise Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • We maintain all software updates for each affiliate site.


Here are some answers to common questions; this section and the rest of this page will be maintained over time.

Can FatLab or NPCA help with DNS record changes during the site migrations?

We will do our best to help you make a smooth migration. However, only the account holder (usually the domain owner) can change DNS records. You must gain access to this account as we cannot do this for you.

Once you have confirmed access to your DNS records, we will provide detailed instructions, and if you like, you can schedule a 15-minute screen share with our team to help you make the changes.

We cannot contact your domain registrar or DNS record manager on your behalf or make the record changes without direct account access.

Can affiliates control content?

Yes. Once the site goes live we will create an account for you to sign into and control the content of the site. You will also have the ability to add and remove other editorial users to your website.

What donation services are supported

General Donation Page

As of May 2024, the national organization has provided the affiliate websites with a universal donation URL where donors can choose which affiliate is to receive the funds. This is the only donation URL we have at this time, and we have been asked to launch all sites with this general donation method.

Custom Donation Pages

We understand that some affiliates have applied for custom gateways, donation URLs, and campaigns. We have not been provided with those URLs at this time. When those become available we can update your website with the relative links.

Please direct all questions regarding the status of these services, training, or account management to NPCA.

Third-Party Services

If you are using a third party service such as PayPal to collect donations, the website will allow you to easily add a URL or donate button or form (via embed code provided by the third party).

We are not currently supporting any other types of third-party integrations at this time.

How is e-commerce managed

The affiliate’s sites do not provide a built-in e-commerce solution. Many affiliates use third-party services to sell merchandise.

How are event RSVP and ticket purchases handled?

This will not be a function of the website, but rather, we understand it to be a function of the Blackbaud CRM system. We do not have any further information on this. Please contact the national organization for questions regarding such features and capabilities.

How is membership managed?

This will not be a direct function of the website, but instead, we understand it to be a function of the Blackbaud CRM system. We do not have any further information on this. Please contact the national organization for questions regarding such features and capabilities.

What platform are the affiliate sites built on?

Like the national website, affiliate sites were transferred to WordPress in late 2023 / early 2024. The NPCA Affiliate sites run a custom theme built specifically for NPCA with a set of custom content controls and features.

Can affiliates install their own plugins?

No, that is not possible at this time, as we are trying to maintain a universal set of functions and capabilities across all affiliate websites.

Can affiliates change the design?

No, that is not possible at this time, as we try to maintain a universal style and branding across all affiliate sites. However, there are certain personalized touches that can be made, such as logo and brand colors seen throughout the site. Of course, the content is 100% yours.

Can affiliates have file and database access?

We cannot give you direct server access at this time. This is to preserve the universal platform of the affiliate sites.

How can we learn how to administrate content in the new system?

We will update this page with instructional videos as we roll out the new websites. These videos will cover how to control the various kinds of content and other features of the website.

How to Work with Your NPCA Affiliate Website

Each person who needs to control content within your affiliate site should have a unique username and password. The username is typically their email address.

We will provide you with initial access, and with this, you can add and manage other editorial accounts.

How To Log Into Your Site

You can access the login screen for your affiliate website by going to /wp-admin/ so the URL would look like: https://{YOUR-DOMAIN}/wp-admin/


If you forgot your password, there is a link available on the login screen to retrieve and reset it.

How to Add Editorial Administrators to Your Site

You can add as many editorial users to your site as you like to help add, edit and maintain content throughout the site.

How to Change or Recover Your Password

Learn how to change your password or recover it if you have lost it and are locked out of your website.

Clearing the Cache

Learn how to clear the cache in WordPress to see your changes instantly. We’ll guide you through simple steps to refresh your site and ensure your updates are visible to everyone. Perfect for when you’ve made changes but aren’t seeing them live!

Adding Google Analytics and Other Tracking Codes

Learn how to integrate Google Analytics tracking codes and other pixels from LinkedIn, Facebook, and more into your site. I’ll guide you through the setup process to track visitor behavior effectively.

Using Custom CSS to Customize Your Site

Learn how to add custom CSS to your website to enhance its look and feel. This guide will show you simple steps to inject your own styles, from tweaking colors to modifying layout details.

How to Work With Content Columns

Learn how to organize content using columns on your website. This tutorial will show you how to create and manage multiple columns effectively, enhancing layout and readability.

How to Create Pages

In this video we show you how to create new pages within your site. These same tools can be used to edit and/or add to current pages.

How to Create Articles/Blogs & Events

Blogs, articles, or news, depending on what they are called on your website, along with events, are different than Pages. The are Posts and behave a just a little differently.

How to Control the Navigation

Learn how to make modifications to your main navigation or menu.

NPCA Affiliate Website Capabilities & Versioning

The affiliate websites are built on WordPress and utilize a custom theme that includes many features and functions designed specifically for NPCA.

Theme version: 1.9.1

Release date: May 15, 2024

  • Fixed issue with title and caption not showing in photo gallery modals.

Theme version: 1.9.0

Release date: May 14, 2024

  • Ability to introduce various forms to the site
  • Default event submission form made available.
    * requires Gravity Forms plugin, installed upon request.

Theme version: 1.8.2

Release date: May 6, 2024

  • Fixed order of upcoming events displayed in the footer.

Theme version: 1.8.1

Release date: May 5, 2024

  • The event post category now provides paging through past events.

Theme version: 1.7.0 (first stable release to go live)

Release date: April 2024

Post Management

  • Multiple Categories of Posts: Supports various post categories such as news, blogs, etc., allowing for organized content presentation.

Events Management

  • Chronological Display: Events are shown in chronological order on the website.
  • Automatic Removal: Past events automatically disappear from the site once their date passes, keeping the display current without manual intervention.

Multimedia Management

  • Comprehensive tools for uploading, organizing, and embedding multimedia content such as images and videos.

Page Content Control

  • Content Columns: Enables the creation of multi-column layouts for rich page designs.
  • Content with Media Alignment: Allows media to be aligned either to the left or right side of the text, enhancing the visual layout of pages.
  • Post Listings: Dynamic listing capabilities for different types of posts (e.g., news, blog), which can be customized and filtered.
  • Personnel Listings: Facilitates the listing of personnel details such as boards, staff, committees, etc., organized in a clear format.
  • Tabs: Supports tabbed content, allowing for compact and organized presentation of information.
  • Accordion: Offers accordion functionality for collapsible content sections, ideal for FAQs or other step-by-step guides.

Calls to Action (CTAs)

  • Become a Member CTA: Dedicated feature for prompting site visitors to sign up as members.
  • Donate CTA: Easy-to-use donation button, encouraging and facilitating charitable contributions.

Navigation Control

  • Main Menu Management: Full control over the structure and elements of the main navigation menu.

Site Management

  • Editor Management: Ability to manage and assign roles to site editors, enhancing security and workflow.
  • Tracking Scripts Integration: Supports integration of various tracking scripts, such as Google Analytics, for in-depth visitor analysis.
  • Social Media Integration: Easy management of social media links, allowing quick updates and integrations.
  • SEO Controls: Provides detailed controls for SEO, including meta tags and descriptions on a per-page basis.