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Website Maintenance Services & WordPress Support

For many business and organization website managers maintaining and troubleshooting their websites can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Without somebody to help, there’s a risk of costly downtime, security breaches, broken website functionality, and more.

These usually aren’t just minor annoyances; they can cost you time AND money if you don’t have someone available to handle issues quickly. And if your website isn’t secure or stable, your credibility suffers with customers, clients, constituents, or members.

FatLab is here to help. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive website support services, including design updates, performance optimization, technical guidance, and general day-to-day support so that you can worry less about the technical side of things and focus more on running your organization. We ensure your website stays up and running flawlessly with our reliable “>web support plans.

A True Web Maintenance & Support Company

Run by real people who care if you are a happy client.

From regular web maintenance services and quick and efficient troubleshooting to help you plan your next new feature, we are consultants, developers, and client support specialists.

No overseas call centers and no canned responses.

Website support services

FatLab Web Support is dedicated to providing web support services with excellent customer service.

We are responsible for over 100 websites; our team members have over twenty of experience in customer support, web development, and management, so we consider ourselves experts (and so do our clients).

We fight bugs

Whether it be a glaring error message (“fatal error” sounds so scary, doesn’t it?) or a minor annoyance to usability or administration, we can fix it.

We’ll dig through server logs, test the front end, evaluate the back end, find that bug, and squash it!

Software bugs can crop up when you least expect them. They can be introduced with a software update, a new browser release, or an untested/unexpected use case and must be taken care of immediately.

We remain on call to deal with any web support issues. We’ll identify the circumstance that triggers the bug and resolve it immediately.

We enhance websites

You have customers, members, constituents, donors, and visitors – and they all expect a smooth experience from your website. To provide that experience, you must keep that site current.

This could be as simple as regular content updates or as complex as adding new features and functions to enhance your user’s experience.

We’ll help you identify the best method to deliver your website visitors the content and services they need, and we will work with you over time to keep your website growing and improving.

We solve problems

FatLab offers 24/7 support contacts via our support ticket system and portal. Solving problems is our core job.

Most of our clients come to us because they have identified a problem and are having trouble fixing it because they don’t have the technical expertise to resolve it.

We can solve your problems. Whether it be the need for a new feature, problems with up-time and performance, software bugs, or limitations to your site – regardless of the initial reason you contact us, our mission does not change.

We consult and plan

Before we begin work, we consult with you. We’ll help you work through your organizational and website goals, understand and identify the details of a challenge, or listen to your wish list.

We will then help identify the best, most efficient, and cost-effective method of meeting your goal. We’ll put a plan in place and execute it.

Our team has consulted with organizations and individuals of all kinds. Our clients range from small business owners, Fortune 500 companies, trade and issue-based associations, foreign governments, domestic agencies, communications firms, members of Congress, and many more.

We have the experience, know what we are talking about, and are here to guide you.

Regular WordPress Maintenance Services

Let us handle regular updates and security patches

We will maintain your website in top health to preserve your investment and ensure a long lifespan for your website.

With our WordPress maintenance plan, we will log into your site regularly (minimum once per week), create a manual backup of both files and database, and update WordPress (core, plugins, and themes).

After we complete the updates, we will test the site to ensure all is well. If issues are noted, we immediately evaluate the problem and fix it, or if it’s not a quick fix, we roll the site back to a stable state. We will then contact you to develop a solution.

Regular updates to keep your site up-to-date with the latest core version, themes, and plugins are typically included as one of the first bullet points in any article on keeping your WordPress website secure.

We agree and will take care of this task for you.

Website security services

We lock your site down tight.

We provide a suite of security services for your website, from real-time firewalls, daily backups, malware scanning/cleaning, regular software updates, and much more. When you trust your website to FatLab, we make it our mission to ensure your site is as secure as possible.

There is no such thing as a “secure website”; only one with all reasonable steps taken to protect it against known threats.

It is also essential to know what to do if your site should fall victim to an attack. From malware and hack cleanup to stopping a brute force attack, we have this expertise and have your website covered.

Website monitoring

We constantly monitor your site for up/down/performance.

Nothing is worse than learning about a problem with your website because a visitor has contacted you. When that happens, you wonder how long the situation has been present, how many customers you have lost, whether you missed a significant opportunity, and what the cumulative damage will be.

We help make sure this situation never occurs. We monitor your site from 180 testing nodes in 48 locations in 28 countries.

We test your website every 5 minutes, 24/7/365, for performance and up/down status. If any irregularity is noted, a team member will receive an alert, investigate, and immediately begin remediation.

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