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Founder & Developer

Shane Larrabee Web Developer at Beach and Drinking Cofee

Why are you here?

I founded FatLab, LLC because after well over a decade in the web development industry I sensed a void. It seemed that you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting someone who said they knew how to build a website and tools like WordPress and Drupal allow even non-programmers to launch sophisticated websites.

However, general support and client service were lacking. Too many times I heard complaints that agencies made website maintenance a low priority service or freelancers couldn’t be reached post-launch.

With this in mind, I launched FatLab Web Support in late 2010 as a client service-focused company.

Remember AOL 5.25 floppies?

I do and in fact, my adventure began well before AOL filled our (snail) mailbox with 5.25 floppy disks, when getting online meant looking up a phone number in the local BBS directory and ‘high speed’ was 14.4 BAUD.

Another introvert geek coder, huh?

Not really. Despite this fascination with computers and technology, I was more interested in how technology could be used in marketing and communications. My career began amongst large and mid-sized PR and marketing firms including Ogilvy PR (Washington, DC), Brodeur (Boston, MA), and The Hoffman Agency (San Jose, CA). Working for the agencies gave me great experience working with people and companies. The question was always: How can we use web technology to meet business and communication goals?

There is no way anyone is still reading this, is there?

In 2003 I launched Larrabee Interactive Business Communications, LLC (Larrabee IBC) after leaving the agencies. Based in Washington, DC, this was a consultancy focused on working with trade and issue-based organizations and commercial businesses on developing their online presence and interactive communications strategies. Larrabee IBC was acquired by Project BIG fish, a Washington, DC-based design studio, in late 2004. I served as a partner and the Director of Technology at Project BIG fish for 6 years.

In 2010, before launching FatLab I served as the Director of Client Service for Blue Water Media, A Washington, DC-based interactive firm focused on providing interactive solutions to private businesses and federal agencies.

I’m pretty sure even my mother has stopped reading by now

I grew up in Seattle (go Seahawks!) and graduated from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, and currently live in Brasilito, Costa Rica with my wife Amy, and daughter Kendyl. I make regular trips back to Washington, DC, and work East Coast business hours (not sitting on a beach with an umbrella drink).

Call Me: 703-662-5792

Shane fast facts

Professional Experience: 20+ yrs

Languages and Platforms: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Windows, IIS, MS SQL, Coldfusion (yes, really), WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, Joomla

Titles Held: Director of Client Service, Interactive Director, Director of Technology, Partner, Project Manager, Lead Developer, Janitor (unofficially), Boat Boy (that one is real)

Point of Pride: I have several clients that have been with me for over 16 years

Recognition: PR Platinum Award, Pollie Award

Relative Fact: I developed a proprietary and commercially successful Content Management System (CMS). However, today I am an open-source convert typically recommending WordPress

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