Content Modules

Genius Stack: Content Modules

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Carousel / Slider

Bootstrap Carousel

Content w/ Image

content columns with images

Text Columns

wysiwyg content blocks

Call To Action

call to action

News Boxes

bootstrap columns with images and text


gallery website module


website testimonials module


website slider module


website bootstrap accordion module

Locations Map

google maps embed website module

Choosing a Content Module

On every page edit screen you will see a “Add Page Section” button.

web button

Upon clicking this you will be given the option to choose which type of content you would like to add to your page.

content type selection menu

Simply select the content type you would like to add to your page. Relative editing fields will appear automatically.

Row Spacing

Each content type creates a “row” within the page and has a padding of 75 pixels on the top and bottom, for a total of 150 vertical pixels between content types. You can however reduce the padding between two rows of content by using the advanced options seen in the Flexible Content controls.

website module advanced option

Clicking the advanced controls for any content type will result in the following screen where you can choose to reduce the bottom spacing, bringing the current content area closer to the next.

advanced website modules options for genius stack

Checking this box will reduce the bottom spacing to zero and because the next content area will have a top spacing of 75 pixels, you will be reducing the space between the two content areas in half from their default settings.

Row Colors

Many of the content types allow you to control the the background color of the page section. This is a nice way to visually separate the different areas of a page on your website.

The system defaults to a white background but you have the option of light gray and then your 3 brand colors each brand color will be set to 10% opacity creating a lighter version of your brand color will allow text to remain legible on top.

row color selector

Advanced Options

Content coming soon.