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Remember We Build and Support this Website for You

The focus of this offering is a service, one where we help you get your website up and running and then help manage it – hopefully for years to come.

However with that said, we do want to empower you as much as possible so that if you choose you can manage your own site.

An Unbreakable Website

Sure it’s possible to mess things up and make it so things don’t look good, but you would be hard pressed to “break” your Genius Stack website.

We have built this to be as user friendly as possible. The control that you have does not affect the core functions of the software or server. So unless you are trying something totally crazy we encourage you to take control of your website and content.

To aid in this, we have created this documentation section that will be continuously updated in an effort to give you clear instructions to manage your own online presence.

Website Planning

Sure you could jump right in and start to create your website, but the “correct” way is plan your website. Plan the structure, the layout, and the content.

To help you do this we have created a few articles and resources to help you understand how your website works and how to plan your new website.

Information Architecture (Outline)

To help you plan the content and structure of your website we have provided some examples and a MS Word template for you to download.

Website Layout Concepts

Though not absolutely necessary for you to fully understand, your website is built to be responsive which means it will look good and work on devices of all sizes and shapes (desktop, tablet and phone).

Content Modules

We have developed a number of content “modules” s to aid in quick site development and easy content management.


WordPress allows the use of “short codes” which are just tiny pieces of text that you can place within your text and then on the front-end something more sophisticated will occur. We have developed a few shortcodes to allow to do things like create styled buttons or display your social media icons.


You can easily create a button anywhere in your content simply include the following in your content where you would like to see the button appear. Be sure to edit the text and URL.

[ button text=”Click Here” url=”” ]

To make the button open the URL in a new tab add target=”_blank”

[ button text=”Click Here” url=”” target=”_blank” ]

Social Media

Display your social media icons as set under theme options in any content area by simply typing the following short code:

[ social_media ]