Web Hosting for Nonprofits

Web Hosting for Nonprofits

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Web Hosting for Nonprofits

The people at FatLab have been doing web hosting for nonprofits for decades. We have a team of experienced consultants, builders, and hosts who have worked with nonprofits for many years.

Our employees have a deep understanding of nonprofit organizations and can help you with every aspect of your website.

From our experience, we have a unique understanding of how nonprofits function, how they work, and what the performance expectations are.

We have worked for national trade associations, and issues-based groups and have worked on sites that focus on member communications, trade shows/events, advocacy donors, and so much more.

Enterprise Hosting

We boast of incredible uptime and performance levels. Utilizing high-performance servers in several geographic areas. We maintain low server loads for performance and offer dedicated environments.

Firewalls & Backups

We provide a complete security solution from a real-time web application firewall to regular website updates and up to 90 days of offsite redundant backups.

High Performance

We provide and configure the latest and best practice methods for website speed and performance. From the server to on-the-fly content optimizations and content delivery networks.

24/7/365 Monitoring

We don’t just monitor our servers, but we monitor the uptime and performance of your particular website with alerts directly to our various teams no matter the time.

Website Software Updates

Keeping up to date with your website software patches is important to the security and longevity of your website. We take care of this for you with weekly website software updates.

Hosting and Website Support

What makes us unique is that we not only support the hosting environment, but we can also support your specific website.

What Makes Our Web Hosting Service the Best Host for Nonprofits?

Your site might be a nonprofit site and that might just be a website, right? Well, that is what the big hosting companies like GoDaddy and WP Engine are going to treat it as. These larger companies are going to lump your site into all the rest, the e-commerce sites, the blogs, news sites… whatever, right?

This is where our company differs.

We are experienced nonprofit professionals. Members of our executive team have been employees with mid-sized and large nonprofits. We have managed membership sites, worked with due-paying members, on issues-based initiatives, and donation campaigns, and have been involved with large trade shows.

Other WordPress hosting companies might view your site as just another WordPress site, but to us, it’s much more than that. It’s about your members, constituents, donors, and special audiences.

Sure we understand the technical aspects of the content management system, but more importantly, we understand the content, the goals, and the audiences.

Our Executive Team Has Real Nonprofit Web Hosting and Management Experience

Ritz Penaranda Nonprofit Association Experience

Ritz Penaranda

Ritz’s nonprofit career spans 16 years in senior level roles focusing on nonprofit website management and member services. She understands what it is like to rely on a website for critical membership, donor, event and communications activities.

Shane Larrabee, Nonprofit Website Development

Shane Larrabee

Shane has been supporting nonprofit’s online communication efforts for decades including hosting and managing and building countless nonprofit websites. Shane has over 20 years’ experience serving the nonprofit sector.

What our Nonprofit Web Hosting Plan Includes:

The FatLab Security Package

Server Security
  • FatLab dedicated Infrastructure
  • Server-based firewall
  • Rate-limiting SSH & SFTP logins
  • Server-based bot protection
  • Database lockdown (whitelist for remote access)
  • Application Isolation
  • Regular Server Patches
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Self-healing servers
  • Low load scalable servers
Network Security
  • Cloudflare Enterprise Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Priority DDoS Protection (Layers 3, 4, & 7)
  • OWSAP Top 10 Protection
  • Priority Routing across Cloudways Network
  • PCI DSS compliance
Website Security
  • No charge SSL certificates
  • Virtual patching against known vulnerabilities via WAF
  • Daily malware scans
  • Daily software vulnerability scans
  • Weekly plugin, core, theme patching
  • 24/7 up/down/performance monitoring w/ alert to FatLab team
  • 1 Day on-server backups
  • 1 Week off-server backups
  • 90 Day 3rd-party off-site backups
  • Comment and spam protection
Hack/Malware Attack Guarantee

If your website should become a victim of a hack or malware attack while on our systems, we will clean and patch your site at no additional cost to you.

The FatLab Performance Package

  • FatLab dedicated Infrastructure
  • Low load scalable servers
  • Performance focused servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Application Isolation
  • Self-healing servers
  • 20+ U.S. / Canadian data centers
  • Dedicated servers available
Server Level Performance
  • Page-level caching (WP-Rocket license provided)
  • Redis Pro Object Caching (license provided)
  • Varnish
  • NGINX optimized for static asset delivery
  • Apache optimized for dynamic content delivery
  • Memcached
  • PHP 7.x / PHP 8 available
  • Gzip Compression
  • HTTP/2
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) with over 270 global locations
  • Tiered caching
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Nextgen Image Delivery
  • Mobile devise optimization
  • Priority internet routing
  • No subdomain required
  • HTTP/3

Service & Support

  • 24/7/365 Uptime and Performance Monitoring
  • Monthly Support, Activity and Performance Report
  • On-Call Support


More on Our Web Hosting and Security Services

web hosting for nonprofits monthly report

Monthly Website Maintenance Reports

Every month you will receive a website maintenance and status report for your website(s). This report shows an overview of the website health, performance, security status, traffic statistics, backups made, and updates made by our team.

Website status report

See an example report for one of our nonprofit clients here.

Let’s Talk About Hosting Resources

FatLab, is first and foremost a web support company. We provide hosting services to aid our clients in achieving the best uptime, performance and reliability possible.

We host websites because it is in our advantage to control the full hosting environment. Controlling the entire environment for a website allows us to make decisions on a client by client basis.

No Mention of Gigabytes, Megabytes, Bandwidth, Network, Hard Drive Space, CPU or RAM

You will notice that nowhere in our site do we mention having different hosting plans with different amounts of resources.

We recognize many of our clients don’t know how much RAM they need or how powerful a CPU is needed. We also recognize that just because a site can run in a certain enviroment, that does not mean it is optimized for that website’s traffic patterns, content and media.

We Do Servers a Bit Different

We approach things a little bit different and don’t charge by the CPU, RAM, hard drive size or network usage. We simply provide the resources that are needed for any particular client and website.

If a website needs more resources we add more resources, no extra charge or change in plans.

We Know How to Deal with Traffic Spikes

We are very used to working with clients who have busy times of year or may experience fluctuations in traffic levels. We can help plan for such events or quickly adjust if anything catches us off guard.

We manage servers in several geographic locations around the world. We will pick a datacenter closet to your audience or what we feel is best for your particular site. Our CDN services will deliver your static content all around the globe for quick delivery which will aid in search engine performance.

Your Hosting Environment will be Built Just For You

The short story here is that we are not about selling a limited number of hosting plans and then sticking your nonprofit organization into one of them. We will tailor your hosting environment to your specific needs.

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Some Organizations that Have Trusted Us with Their Nonprofit Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting for Nonprofits Plan

Or as we call it: Watch Dog Unlimited (Nonprofit)

The following plan is designed specifically for our nonprofit clients, though you are welcome to review our other hosting plans as well. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with any specific needs you may have. We can also develop a custom hosting plan that fits your budget and needs.

  • Unlimited technical support for all current features and functions
  • Weekly maintenance and software updates
  • Our monthly website maintenance report
  • Premium hosting with unlimited resources**
  • The FatLab Security Package**
  • The FatLab Performance Package**
  • Discounted Development Rate
Request a Quote

Volume discounts are available for multiple websites/domains.

We do not charge by server resources such as bandwidth, storage, RAM, or CPU. Instead, we simply promise to provide your organization with the resources you need for a high-performance and secure environment.

This is about great performance and support, not megabytes and gigabytes!

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