Why You Should Do A Website Content Review Every Six Months

Give your site a content face lift twice a year to stay competitive.

Website Content Review

When you’re publishing new content on a regular basis, the last thing you really want to do is go back and review it.

What you published six months ago might not be best for your website today. That’s why it vital to your site’s performance health to do a website content review at least every six months.

The time spent on the review might seem like a waste until you see how it improves your site over time. With the right plan or by working with a website maintenance company, it takes far less time than you’d expect.

Check Content Performance

Your content is what drives visitors to your site in the first place. If your content isn’t performing well, you’re missing out on opportunities to build your audience. Regular content audits give you a chance to look deeper into performance analytics. Which pages or posts are performing best? Which barely perform at all?

One blog post may have performed well three months ago and not received a visitor since. Why? This is your chance to find out. Something as simple as updating a few keywords could drastically improve traffic. Content that’s not performing well or has a high bounce rate could be removed completely to avoid hurting your site’s overall performance.

Repair Outdated Links, References And More

You may pride yourself on having excellent resources and references in your blog posts. What happens if the sites you’re linking to restructure themselves? This could leave your posts with numerous broken links. Visitors aren’t going to be thrilled if they keep finding broken or highly outdated links that aren’t relevant to them.

You want to make sure all content contains the latest information and any links work correctly. This improves the reliability and is key to keeping visitors coming back.

Update For The Latest Algorithms

Google is always updating algorithms to improve search results for users. The problem is this wreaks havoc on site owners. It’s not unusual to have to work with a web support company to tweak the design and functions to better meet search engine requirements. Now imagine if the majority of your content isn’t kosher with Google or Bing or Yahoo.

Despite having high quality content, your site is penalized and you’re losing hundreds or even thousands of potential visitors every day to competing sites who are reviewing their content twice a year. All it takes is a few hours a day for several days to go through your existing content and tweak it to make it search engine friendly, no matter what new algorithm changes pop up next.

Eliminate Redundancy

When you’re updating and posting new site content regularly, it’s easy to get repetitive. Visitors coming to your site for information are quickly going to uncover the redundant content and think your site doesn’t have any new or useful information for them. If you have a site on finding the best discounts on iPods, a quick content review might reveal 10 posts on tips for buying a used iPod. The less redundancy, the better because Google loves unique content.

Improve Overall Usability

A site filled with fluff pieces, redundant posts or simply outdated material just makes the site harder to use. Instead of visitors finding your best content, they find all the pieces that have become filler for the sake of publishing regularly. For instance, Microsoft used to have more than 10 million pages and discovered three million of those had never been visited.

As a result, visitors had a harder time finding what they needed and weren’t satisfied with the site. Eliminating extra content helps improve the overall usability and customer satisfaction with your site.


The Internet changes on a nearly daily basis. Shouldn’t your content keep up with all these changes? While you don’t have time to do weekly audits, a content review every six months works best for most sites. It allows you to keep your content performing at its best so your site’s audience continues to grow instead of leaving for competing sites.

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Post by Shane Larrabee

Shane Larrabee is founder of FatLab, LLC and has over 20 years experience as a business leader, web developer and online communication consultant.