Why Websites Need Monitored Maintenance

Staying updated is a vital part of monitored maintenance.

Some site owners think all they have to do is add new content to their site and they’re done.

It’s not nearly as simple as that. To keep a site running smoothly, you need monitored maintenance to take care of all the behind the scenes tasks.

You might think you can do it yourself until you discover how much work it is. That’s when you realize you don’t just need a website, but a website maintenance services company too.

Maintaining Updates

Updating a website is more than just pushing an “update” button once in a while. It involves ensuring all parts of the site are updated and making certain the site is compatible with any and all necessary updates. For instance, a new WordPress update could render your current theme useless. Would you know how to fix that issue quickly?

Along with core software updates, themes, plugins, scripts and other areas of your site may have updates to check for. These often require manual checks with the developers. Special coding might also be needed to fix compatibility issues before proceeding with updates.

And yes, updates are needed. These fix security and performance issues. Making your website safer and a better expereince for your visitors.

Performing Backups

You might already have a backup process in place. If so, that’s great. If not, you need to start immediately. Backups are a vital part of regular maintenance. If a virus hits your site or a new theme didn’t go as planned, you can always roll back to a previous backup.

A step most site owners overlook is checking the integrity of backups. The backup might say it’s finished, but when it comes time to use it, it might be corrupted. Website maintenance companies perform regular checks on backups.

Handling Security

Every website needs real time security monitoring and protection. This includes a firewall, malware, hack detection and of course, fixing any problems that might exist. Even with updated software, hackers might still manage to find their way in. The best way to fight this is by having regular monitored maintenance. The sooner the hack is found, the sooner you can fix the issue and have a more secure website.

While monitoring for issues might seem simple enough, cleaning up after a malware infection or hack can be time consuming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It could require using a backup, recoding certain areas of the site to be more secure and finding alternative plugins or themes if that was the point of entry.

Check For Performance Issues

You think your site is performing well, but are you certain about your uptime and general site performance? Web maintenance includes website performance and uptime monitoring. Maybe you changed the design and now an entire area of your site is resulting in 404 errors. The host you’re currently using might promise 99% uptime, but only deliver 89%, which is a major difference.

Regularly checking for performance issues keeps your site running as smoothly as possible. If pages are loading slowly, it could cause the site rank to drop and traffic along with it. If your site is randomly down, it’ll cause visitors to doubt the integrity of the site and they’ll visit the competition instead. The last thing you want to do is have your website drive potential customers away.


If you’re serious about running a website, you need monitored maintenance. Working with a website maintenance company is usually the best option. They’ll offer various plans to provide you with the right level of support you need. This lets you focus on running your business instead of worrying about security, backups, updates and other issues.

Don’t run your site on your own. Get the support and maintenance you need by contacting FatLab today.