We’re Not for Everyone – What Web Pros Can Learn From Pizza Marketing

It was movie and pizza night at my house last Friday and where we live there are a good number, in fact a lot, of choices when it comes to ordering pizza. From cheap to gourmet (so says their slogan, anyway) the choices are plenty.

On friday we chose to order from a one of the smaller local joints rather than a national chain and their menu caught my attention. Written on the back was “We’re Not For Everyone” and it goes on to read” If low price is more important than great taste, then Juliano’s is not for you.“.

What Does Pizza Have to Do with the Web Space?

Usually nothing more than a quick meal. However I love this marketing message because it states clearly that this establishment is not participating in race to provide the cheapest prices but instead is focused on quality. This is something I wish would occur more within the Web space.

One of my biggest points of frustration in the Web Support, development and design space is that it seems like we are in a constant race to bottom in regards to price. The fundamental lack of value in internet related services and products, drives me nuts – especially when the offending party is in the industry. This is why I admire a company that states up front that “We’re Not For Everyone”. I admire companies that are able to succeed based on the merits of their product or service and not solely on the fact they are cheaper than the other guy.

Post by Shane Larrabee

Shane Larrabee is founder of FatLab, LLC and has over 20 years experience as a business leader, web developer and online communication consultant.