Introducing Our New Unlimited WordPress Maintenance Plan

Starting in the summer of 2022 we are offering a new WordPress maintenance plan to new clients.

Introducing Watch Dog Unlimited

wordpress maintenance and support plan

Watch Dog Unlimited is a simple plan that includes a lot.

The simplicity is in the fact that it is an all-inclusive WordPress website maintenance, hosting, AND support service.

No hourly billing or additional charges for the technical support of current features and functions of the website.

Basically, if you experience a problem or need help with your website, it’s included and you will not be billed for our effort. Our job is to keep your website running smoothly.

In addition to unlimited technical support your site will receive:

An Unlimited WordPress Support Plan

Unlike our competitors, we will not make you pick from different plans. Plans with a varying number of tasks, support requests, or a number of hours a team will commit to you are confusing. That is why settled on a single plan: Watch Dog Unlimited.

Instead, we have discontinued our similar plans in favor of this new Unlimited plan. This new plan assures our clients that they will receive the critical support they need it, and not when it fits into a specific support plan.

We can still build custom plans for clients who have unique web applications or websites with advanced functionality. We are confident that this plan will fit the majority of our client’s needs and allow them to more easily budget their website maintenance costs.

Our support clients get 24/7 access to our support ticket system which is monitored for urgent situations 365 days a year. There are never any rush fees as each support request is treated with the urgency it deserves.

A Real WordPress Maintenance Plan

wordpress maintenance plan

We don’t just react to support requests under this plan but we actually maintain each and every website. We take proactive steps on a weekly basis to keep the WordPress site updated.

Website updates include updates to the WordPress core, WordPress themes, and WordPress plugins.

In addition, we run daily malware scans, backups, and speed tests, and the results of all these are included in a monthly report. Clients receive these reports automatically at the end of each month.

We also guarantee cleanup if any malware were to sneak through our defenses at no additional charge to the client.

Managed Web Hosting

manged enterprise wordpress hosting

Typical hosting plans include support only for issues having to do with the hosting environment, leaving you responsible for any issue specific to just your website.

That’s where we differ. With FatLab’s Watch Dog Unlimited Plan you will never call your host only to be told to call a developer. You will never call a developer to be told the issue is with the host.

We take full responsibility for the care of your site, the hosting infrastructure, and your happiness.

24/7 Monitoring

We have 24/7/365 uptime monitoring for your specific website. Most hosting companies only monitor their systems for uptime and issues. They do not actually monitor your unique website.

Our team gets alerts if your site were to go down for any reason and we react. In fact, we have multiple teams monitoring both our infrastructure and your website.

Performance Optimization

We have put together a best-in-class speed optimization package to aid in the performance of your website, this is all included at no additional cost.

For the last 10+ years, FatLab has focused on building the most reliable, secure, and performance-focused hosting environment possible. We did this by utilizing decades of experience in the industry and focusing on client support, not just servers.

We understand that each website is different: different traffic levels, different traffic patterns, different software, different developers, different purposes, different everything.

Unlimited Resource / No Metering

We don’t sell different hosting plans. We simply give your website the resources it needs. You don’t need to know how much RAM you need, CPU power, or even how much hard drive space you need. We take care of all of that and we do that under one plan, never nickel and diming for an upgrade.

We have experience working with organizations that get national and international media attention. We also work with some great small businesses that are thrilled to know that a few hundred visitors per month. Clients of all sizes will find their website up, running, and secure. We’ll make sure your site has the resources it needs to perform at its best.

Limitations of The Watch Dog Unlimited WordPress Support Plan

Unlimited support is technical support and does not include content population, consulting, custom development, or design, and does not include adding new features or functions to the site.

However, once they are added then those new features would then fall under our unlimited technical support of current features and functions.

We Still Provide Additional Development and Design Services

Don’t worry we can help with any new development you are seeking. For anything that falls outside “technical support,” we will provide a flat-rate project estimate. This estimate will be guaranteed to not exceed.

When doing new development, we do not limit the rounds of review and revisions and we work until you are happy.

Not Every Site Will Qualify For this Maintenance/Support Plan

Not every website will qualify for this care plan. If your website includes complex applications such as membership areas, e-commerce, third-party integrations, etc… well then, we simply can’t offer unlimited support.

We work with many organizations of different sizes that all use their websites differently. We are very used to accommodating more complex applications and functions and would be happy to put together a custom plan for any such client. We love working with unique setups and clients.

Please visit our Website Maintenance Plan page for full details.