Announcement: Two New Website Maintenance Plans

For over 5 years now FatLab has offered website support, maintenance and managed WordPress hosting services to a growing client base. Today I am happy to announce two new packaged service offerings. In addition to our continued on-call web support and website maintenance services we are now offering two distinct website maintenance plans that focus on security and maintenance. The goal of both plans is to keep our client’s website online, stable, secure and up-to-date.

Our New Website Maintenance Plans:

Watch Dog Hosting

A security focused managed WordPress hosting plan where, quite simply, we make it our job to keep your website online, secure and stable. We monitor each website 24/7/365 from multiple locations from around the world. If a performance issue, or worse an outage, is reported we will act on it right away. We’ll investigate the issue and take whatever steps are necessary to bring the site back online and/or to a superior performance level.

With a realtime firewall, onsite and offset backups, regular software updates, daily malware scanning and cleaning (if it should ever be needed) and a robust enterprise grade hosting platform, the goal is to ensure the maximum uptime and performance of each site we host and manage.

For a full service description, click here.

Big Dog Support

Here come the big dogs, ok I admit a cheesy name but we had to stick with the dog theme, right? This plan includes all the hosting, security and performance services of the Watch Dog plan with the added service of unlimited website support.

Unlimited? That’s crazy. Nah, it’s just easier.

Over the last year I have experimented with this plan and it has flown under a few different names before becoming officially “Big Dog Support”. Our findings were that clients really liked the option of forgoing hourly billing and for a flat rate simply knowing that their website would be taken care of. We monitor all Big Dog sites but more importantly we take care of any support issue that comes up. The requests vary wildly and typically last from a few minutes to several hours.

It’s a website maintenance plan so if a site doesn’t sell t-shirts today, we aren’t going to build an e-commerce engine to sell t-shirts tomorrow – that’s not “maintenance” or “support”. However we do support all current features and functions under this plan and work with our clients to grow and enhance their sites over time. We have also received some glowing reviews as our clients realized the value in the flat rate pricing and honestly, I love it as well from a business and resource planning perspective (win, win).

For a full service description, click here.

More to Come!

In the coming weeks we’ll be announcing a third plan which will not have a published price but targeted to more active and complex organizations who may be looking for similar and expanded services for multiple platforms, websites and technologies. This will be a customized website maintenance and management plan that captures all facets of an organizations unique IT environment.

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Post by Shane Larrabee

Shane Larrabee is founder of FatLab, LLC and has over 20 years experience as a business leader, web developer and online communication consultant.