TERN Mentoring Launches New Website with FatLab

Tern Mentoring Website Launch

TERN Mentoring of Northern Virginia launched a new website with FatLab today. Ternmentoring.com is the marketing front-end to a new proprietary app and B-Corp founded by Tina Fox of FoxParadigm. 

TERN matches college students with professionals for a facilitated mentor/mentee relationship. The program will initially launch in cooperation with James Madison University and expand to other environments this year. 

FatLab built the website under our Genius Stack program, which includes hosting, security, performance, and security services for the foreseeable future. 

June 10, 2022

Tern Mentoring logoWe are very pleased that TERN Mentoring has chosen FatLab to build, host and maintain a new website for them under our Genius Stack website program.

The new website will launch later this year.

TERN Mentoring is a collegiate mentoring program and application being developed by a current client, Fox Paradigm. TERN will be launching a unique application later this year that brings together college students and professional mentors. 

The program will initially launch in cooperation with James Madison University in Virginia and then expand to other universities around the nation. 

It’s the highest compliment to have clients expand their relationships with us and we are pleased to work on this great program in the months to come. 

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