“Soft Launch” of Genius Stack, a New Web Service from FatLab

New Product Launches to Huge Fanfare (not at all)

Today I snuck up a new website, this website. This has been an idea of mine for over a year. It comes from the fact that I feel like in the last 20+ years of website development, I essentially have built the same website over and over again.

I don’t mean to take away from the clients we have worked for, not at all! The designs we have developed have been extraordinary, especially for our agency partners. In fact, I’m not even referring to design when I say this.

It’s All About Structure

When I say we have built the same website over and over again, I am really talking about site structure. With very few differences, the sites we build and provide web support for (commercial and nonprofit groups) are very similar. They all have a home page that includes a hero or slider, they all have a blog or news center, they all have an about section, pages for each of their services, a contact page, executive bios… You get my drift. Sure some hold some custom applications, but I’m talking about the masses right now.

Let’s Talk Design

The designs themselves are unique because of the content they hold. However, the structure of the designs are also very similar. Text blocks, right/left justified images, lists, sliders, forms, etc. Where design plays a big role is how branding is applied, the colors, the logo the types of images used, subtle image treatments, etc. This can and does often fall within a familiar structure, however, it’s not to say that the end result of these sites is not “unique.”

We’ve Been Using a Framework for Years

For the last few years we have been developing WordPress websites utilizing the Understap starter theme, which is an open source theme built on the Twitter developed Bootstrap framework and includes lots of cool stuff like Font Awesome.

This has provided our sites a great amount of defined structure that still allowed us to build custom solutions relatively fast for clients.

So What if We “Packaged” this Whole Thing Up?

For the last few years, each time we start the building of a new website, we setup WordPress, installed Understap and got to work customizing and creating new templates for each screen a designer had provided us. We then fill in things not specifically provided to us by the designer such as blog/news archives, contact pages etc. This is all done to industry best practice.

However, if we take an honest look at the structure of these sites, we shouldn’t be starting from scratch each and every time. This is where Genius Stack comes in.

A code base, a feature base and a structure base that will allow us to develop and deploy professional websites in record time.

Making it “Genius”

The “Genius” name comes from the fact that we have never claimed to be the smart ones on a website project, we basically just do as we are told. The client or communication agency comes up with the content and strategy, the designer comes up with the design and we just put all together.

What Makes it “Genius” is all of These Skills “Stacked” Together

Get it? “Genius Stack

We can then take this even further by adding our enterprise grade managed website hosting and management services. These include regular updates, ongoing support, serious security, backups, SSL certificates, self-healing servers, 24/7/365 monitoring to say the least. There’s more but I’ll leave that to another day.

What does this become then? WordPress as a Service