Safe + Sound Somerset Launches Website with FatLab

Safe + Sound Somerset, NJ Launches New Website

We are extremely proud to have launched a new website in cooperation with a client that has been with us for a few years now. 

Safe + Sound of Somerset, NJ chose FatLab to build their new website after engaging us to support and host their previous site for a couple of years. 

Clean & Simple Web Design for Easy Access to Information

The new website was built using a custom theme on WordPress. Given the nature of this nonprofit’s mission, our focus was on a clean and easy-to-navigate website on which critical resources could be found quickly. 

A Critical Community Domestic Violence Resource

Safe + Sound is a domestic violence community resource in Somerset, NJ. They offer safety, education, and emergency/support services to the community, people suffering from domestic violence, and those that are recovering from abusive situations. 

Visitors to this site are looking to get involved in this critical mission or are seeking help, sometimes emergency help. 

Built for Accessibility (For All Users)

A super clean, not heavily designed, interface allows the various audiences to find what they seek quickly. The site also features an emergency “Leave Site” button that quickly closes the window and makes it hard for others to see what was being browsed. 

With the focus on ease of use, it is incredibly important that the site be accessible to all audiences no matter of disabilities or other factors that may restrict them from consuming the contained information. 

WCAG (“ADA”) Compliance

website accessibility tool by Reciteme
Safe + Sound website with ReciteMe accessibility toolbar

Though FatLab builds all of our sites with accessibility in mind, Safe + Sound took accessibility a step further by licensing a product/service from ReciteMe. 

ReciteMe is an accessibility software company that provides a plugin to the site that allows users to take advantage of a comprehensive suite of accessibility tools. The tool includes but is not limited to the following features:

  • Real-time language translations
  • Text-to-speech narration
  • Contrast changes
  • Font-size changes
  • Reading focus masking
  • Much more

Accessibility without Additional Development Costs

ReciteMe was very easy to work with and their integration was a piece of cake which meant that beyond the licensing of the product/service there were no additional development costs for the client. 

I’m very pleased with their service and product so far and as accessibility compliance becomes even more important for our clients to meet, I believe this is a solid solution to ensure the highest level of accessibility for website users. 

Continued Website Support

Safe + Sound will continue to host their website with FatLab where they will receive ongoing security, performance, and support services through our Watch Dog website maintenance plan. 

July 18, 2022

Safe+Sound Somerset, NJSafe+Sound of Somerset, NJ has announced that they have chosen FatLab to help them build a new website. This website will be designed with accessibility in mind and will make it easier for people seeking immediate help as well as donors who wish to support their efforts. FatLab is excited to work with Safe+Sound and its consultants and vendors to create a website that truly makes a difference.

Safe+Sound provides emergency safe housing, counseling, legal assistance, or relationship education regardless of income status, cultural background, language spoken, gender identity, or sexual orientation. For over 40 years in Somerset County, Safe+Sound Somerset has provided high-quality intervention, education, and post-trauma services.

FatLab is proud to be working with such an organization, though we love all our clients, it’s always refreshing to work with a group that is trying to do good in this world.