Our Latest Genius Stack Website Launch: Phoenix Strength

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Got 40 minutes per week (two 2o-minute sessions)? Well then Phoenix Strength in Reston Virginia, with a unique methodology of physiology, psychology, and physics, will help get you in shape!

Phoenix Strength chose a Genius Stack Website by FatLab  because of the flat monthly rate and all encompassing service which includes the new website, hosting, security, performance features and unlimited website support.

It took about 5 weeks from the time the FatLab team began to build and populate the website until launch. The great part of the Genius Stack website plan is that’s there are no restrictions on rounds of review, all changes additions are included and the team at Phoenix Strength was able to ensure they were absolutely happy with the final product prior to launch. We look forward to working with Phoenix Strength for years to come to grow the website over time.

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Visit phxstrength.com

php strength logoWe are pleased that Phoenix Strength has chosen to build their website with FatLab Web Support. In particular Phoenix Strength will be taking advantage of our Genius Stack WordPress service which includes a custom WordPress website, hosting, security, and performance unlimited support.

Phoenix Strength has locations in Reston and Leesburg Virginia and focuses on creating unique high-intensity workouts for their clients.

The new website is scheduled to launch in mid January 2022.