Regular WordPress Software Updates

monthly website maintenance reportOur managed WordPress hosting plans include weekly software updates as a key component in our proactive effort to keep our client’s websites secure and stable.

In addition to weekly updates, we also run “emergency” updates as we learn of newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

During these updates, we also take care of many database optimizations to help websites continue to run at their maximum performance levels.

Monthly Website Maintenance Reports

As a part of this service, we are now offering our managed hosting clients monthly reports that highlight all the update actions we have taken; these include:

A General Overview of Website Health and Actions Taken

Get a quick glance at the health of your website and statistics of the actions taken during the last month.

Website status report

All WordPress Software Updates Made

See all the updates that were made on your behalf. This history is also very important as we help support your site. Having a complete history of all updates made to a site and the date the update was made is often invaluable information for solving various challenges.

System Optimizations to Aid in Performance

We keep things running smoothly under the hood, keeping the database lean, which aids performance. You will see how much bloat we clean out every month.

Overview of WordPress Performance as Measured by Two Services

Staying on top of your website performance is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO). With our report, you/we will see if any dramatic changes must be addressed.

Website Security Overview, Including a Daily Status

It’s not uncommon for security vulnerabilities to pop up when using WordPress, so we stay on top of known vulnerabilities and patch them as soon as possible. You will see any vulnerabilities and when they were patched.

Page View Analytics

Though Google Analytics or an alternative is always your best bet to track traffic to your website, our report contains a quick snapshot so you can see how the site performed compared to the last month.

website analytics graph


Website Backup Status Report

We talk a lot about backups at FatLab Web Support because they are a crucial part of any website security plan. Did you know some hosts don’t even provide backups?! We do; we offer website backups, more website backups, and backups of those backups. We even include it in our report.

There is No Extra Charge for Maintenance Plan Clients

This service will not cost anything extra. This automated email is sent monthly to the primary client contact for each website we monitor.

You can view a sample website maintenance report here.