Imposter Found Among the FatLab Crew

Lacey mascot for FatLab

It was May 2020, the Pandemic was in full swing and the Larrabee family just had to adopt a “Pandemic Puppy”. 

If you didn’t guess based on the name of my company, we are a lab, as in Labrador, family…. Or at least we thought we were.

My daughter, Kendyl, while volunteering at a local animal shelter, fell in love with what appeared to be a black Labrador puppy.

It only took one dinner of begging, pleading and tears before her father broke down and that puppy’s last name became Larrabee.

FatLab, LLC immediately distributed a press release proclaiming, FatLab, LLC Acquires Talents of SkinnyLab.

We Have Been Duped!

Today, we learned we had been duped. Despite our equal opportunity hiring practices, we knew it should be a Lab to join the ranks of Company Mascot. We even let slide that fact she was skinny and not fat like her predecessor Guinness.

Today we received our Embark Dog DNA Test results back, which we might as well consider a background check for our mascot wannabe. The results:


dog genetics test

Not only is there no Labrador but to add insult to injury, they labeled her with 21.2% “Supermutt”. Unless that is preceded by, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….” Then I don’t want to hear it!

Lacey Goose has been given administrative leave while the branding police conduct a thorough investigation.