First Day of the New Year: SNOW DAY

Washington DC Snow Storm

Washington DC Area Gets Snow

A snowstorm has delayed our office opening on the first day of 2022. Now you may be thinking… Don’t they work remote?

Well, yes, we do. However, as you can see and thanks to our four-legged colleagues, a “commute” in rain, shine or snow is not an option.

Whatever Happened to Snow Days?!

1990s pager I’m old enough that I remember actually having snow days. I lived in Washington DC in the late 90’s and worked downtown.

These were the days before everyone had high-speed Internet at home, some people still carried pagers and even then, you had to be some Super Executive Vice President of Anything Important to get one.

Us little people weren’t given pagers and therefore we actually got the day off. No corporate-issued laptops, cell phones, Blackberries were not even a thing yet and office email… outside the office… not a thing.

Sure, we called into our voicemail system and at the tone pushed our 4-digit pin to get a playback of pending message. However, without access to a desktop computer, everything really just waited until the snow melted.

Hot Chocolate / Coffee with Baileys

coffee in the snow

Ah, I miss the days when more than a couple inches meant watching the snow fall with a cup of hot chocolate or even coffee with Baileys.