FatLab Retains a New Managing Director

A Big Announcement

This October I am pleased to announce that Ana “Ritz” Penaranda has joined FatLab, LLC as a Managing Director in Washington, DC.

Been There / Done That

Ritz comes to us from the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) in Washington, DC where she spent over 14 years as a web project manager for 5 high-profile/traffic websites run by the nonprofit group. In addition to the 5 main websites, she oversaw the development, design and deployment of many other smaller campaign oriented sites, custom applications and online tools throughout the years. Working closely with her association and their vendors, it was her responsibility to ensure that all projects and campaigns were executed to their full success potential.

A major part of Ritz’s duties at SOCMA included vendor management, RFP writing and budget management. Ritz managed all web-based communications on behalf of the different inter-organization groups such as marketing communications, trade shows, membership recruitment/communications and government affairs.

Enhancing FatLab’s Capabilities

At FatLab, Ritz will help oversee business operations, people, communications, client services and new business activities. However, her primary role will be as a client services representative and project manager to our larger clients, many of them being in the nonprofit and association space.

An Interesting History is What Brought Us Together

An interesting twist here is that Ritz was my client contact at SOCMA for over 13 years and SOCMA remains and active client today. Though FatLab was founded in 2011, I “brought” SOCMA with me as I traveled though my career. Ritz and I have probably launched over a dozen websites together, worked on a number of large trade show activities, built government affairs tools, conducted membership communications campaigns, various marketing campaigns, handled dues collection efforts and membership recruitment activities. I’m going to guess that Ritz herself has opened several thousand website support and maintenance tickets with me throughout the years.

Not Just Another Coder

I am incredibly pleased that she has decided to join our little company as I know her vision is in line with mine on continuing to build a client service focused shop. And though she is not a developer (lucky her), she understands the technical aspects of the jobs just as well as she understands an organization’s requirements. Having someone with these skills is going to be a huge asset to us here.

Click here for Ritz’s full bio.