FatLab Now Offering Google Analytics Alternative to Hosting Clients

A Simple Google Analytics Alternative

Plausible analytics

Plausible is a web analytics company. Simply put they help you track the number of visitors your site gets, how long they stayed for, what pages they saw and basically, how users interacted with your site. It’s a lot like Google Analytics, but not.

Why I Chose Plausible as a Service Offering

The real draw for me to Plausible is the simplicity of the interface. It tells you what you need to know, all that most people need to know… ever.

It does so in a simple set of charts, graphs and lists. There are no custom reports, complex formulas or split audiences, segments… just the facts. You don’t have to sign up for any training sessions or Google how to use this analytics tool.

Simplicity = Limitations (a Good Thing)

Granted, with the simplicity comes limitations and therefore this solution is not for everyone and therefore we are offering it to only those that want it. Those that want to track visitors, see conversions and don’t need to cross reference advertising campaigns, split audience segments etc.

So in short if you are interested in knowing just the facts of your web traffic, let us know and we’ll get you setup with Plausible analytics at no additional cost for those on our WatchDog or higher website maintenance and hosting plans. Plausible is also automatically included with all Genius Stack WordPress as a Service sites. Giving our clients access is as easy as sharing a link.

Other Reasons to Like Plausible:

I am big privacy advocate and with my nerd skills I actually have most of my computers setup to block Google Analytics from tracking me. I could totally turn this into a rant about how I don’t like being the product and how I don’t for one minute believe that services provided by big tech companies are “free” but I will leave you with this… sites that use Plausible DO NOT share any data with Google or other third parties about y our site visitors.

The Plausible script is 45 times smaller than the Google Analytics script and therefore does not slow your website down and even it allows it to perform better than it would with the Google Analytics script installed.

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