FatLab, LLC Acquires Talents of SkinnyLab

For Immediate Release

May 29, 2020

skinny labrador puppy and company mascot FatLab, LLC is pleased to welcome Lacey “Goose” to our team.

Lacey comes to us with 3 months experience being a part-time Labrador. Lacey is based in Costa Rica and will remain a part of that office.

Lacey’s background includes running in circles, chasing cats, dogs, iguanas and even an occasional bird.

As a new member of our team she has already hit the ground running, proving that there is no rest to be had when there is work to be done… Like trying to remove the squeaker from a stuffed tiger while other staff members hold important zoom meetings.

Lacey is excited to continue her education while maintaining her role as the secondary mascot to FatLab, LLC. She is currently working toward her Master’s in Obedience as she attends Saturday school at the esteemed institution of Some Random Dog Trainer’s Yard in Huacus, Santa Cruz.

Quoted as saying, “I know I will never live up to the greatness of Guinness The Original FatLab, but as I look at his profile in our logo, I am inspired to do my best.”*

The FatLab team is excited to have Lacey on board, ’cause without her we might just manage, program, host and monitor ourselves to boredom. FatLab, LLC President Shane Larrabee was quoted as saying, “Get this dog out my office, you said you would take care of it if I got it for you!”**

lacey the labrador FatLab’s temporary HR Manager, Kendyl Larrabee, onboarded Lacey after a week of presentations to company founder Shane Larrabee. Presentations included well thought arguments, poorly thought arguments, presentations and even a few tears.

Lacey is named for a small town in Washington State and a certain fallen naval aviator in 1986.***

Lacey is a mostly Labrador (mix), not fat at all and a rescue which we believe speaks volumes to our equal employment opportunity policies here at FatLab.


* Due to foreign dialects, translations were done and may not be exact.

** Shane does not explicitly admit to making this quote but there was no official retraction at the time of publication.

*** Some kind of prize if anyone writes in because they know who this is (prizes are limited and may not actually exist).