FatLab Hosts Client and Friend Happy Hour in McLean, Virginia

Shane, Ritz and Dolores test the bar and get setup for friends and clients to arrive.

The FatLab Web Support Team is Back Together

For the first time in years, thanks to obvious global issues, I had the opportunity to fly back to the Washington, DC area and hang out with Dolores and Ritz.

For those who don’t know, I have known Ritz and Dolores for about 20 years. As clients, friends, and now, colleagues at FatLab, LLC.

A (Crazy Fun) Client and Friend Happy Hour

On Thursday, April 28th, the FatLab team hosted a happy hour at the Archer Hotel in McLean, Virginia to show our appreciation to a few friends, clients and supporters.

We had an incredible showing and our two-hour happy hour became a 4+ hour evening of great food, good drinks, and incredible company.

FatLab Web Support Happy Hour McLean, VA

High Class Networking and Straight Business Talk

The evening was all business with an incredible spread of food, a private area, and dedicated servers.

The drinks were top-shelf, the bacon-wrapped jalapeños were spicy, the seared tuna cooked perfectly and the pizzas – were far fancier than what I typically get.

It went straight downhill from there… and became an evening of small business talk and big fun.

FatLab Client Party Northern Virginia

If Business is with Friends, is it Still Business?

It was so refreshing for me to get on a plane and come back to Northern Virginia, my home of 15 years, and (finally) get to hang out with Ritz and Dolores.

Both of them did an incredible job of organizing this event and making me feel like a celebrity as they made sure I got to meet so many people I have emailed and Zoomed with but have not had the pleasure of meeting with in person yet.

So many articles have been written about the pandemic, the rise of video conferencing, and the question of what face time is worth. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s priceless.

Thank you everyone for coming out!

FatLab Happy Hour Washington, DC