FatLab Executive Retreat: Fall ’16

I went to Washington, DC and this is what I saw ^^

“Executive Retreat”, Wow That Sounds Important

“Executive Retreat” is making this sound much more official and big business than it actually was. However after starting this company in 2011, this absolutely feels like a huge milestone for me.

As with any non-investment fueled company, FatLab started small… very small… me and and about 5 long time clients. Today we have a team of developers, have had about 60 active clients in 2016 and our team is growing. In fact that is why I headed to DC for two days of meetings.

This Pup is Growing

In DC I met with the newest member of our team (more official announcement pending) and of course did the important stuff like stuff my face with chili-cheese dogs at the Vienna Inn and drank insane micro brews from Caboose Brewing Company.

I think the biggest deal to come out of this is a real direction for 2017 and a new key player. Getting everything in order as 2016 comes to close (can you believe we are in the 4th quarter already?!) so that we can hit the ground running in 2017 – FatLab will be announcing a new Managing Director, a new partnership and a refined suite of services. And that is not all: while continuing to serve our commercial client base we hope to expand our nonprofit / association client base with website maintenance and management plans customized for the unique space.

Nonprofits & Associations, We Get It

FatLab (and I) have long history of working within the nonprofit space, from political groups, to trade associations and issues based organizations. Our new Managing Director comes to us from a member-based trade association and was actually a client of mine for 14+ years (so you figure we have to work well together). I figure it makes sense, right?! Though as a business we are not dramatically changing our direction, we are simply putting everything in place to service this niche even more so in the coming years. Again, this is the glowing entrepreneur feeling like he is watching his baby grow up.

What, No Press Coverage?

So anyway, we have a few announcements coming up in the next few weeks and months, and though I understand that the press is not lining up for our press release, I couldn’t help but put something in the blog.

We Will Be Firing Our Travel Agent

As we continue to define our goals, I do think I might throw into the mix a better travel agent! The following photo shows my sleeping arrangements on the way back from our “retreat”. What kind of CEO, Principal, Director of Janitorial Services (or whatever I am) gets treated this way?!

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