Business Meetings Don’t Have to Suck (Costa Rica)

So I have been living in Costa Rica for several years now and flying back to U.S. regularly for business. In that time we have had a good number of friends and family come down and hang out with us. However back in November Costa Rica became an official business retreat for FatLab Web Support!

Bienvenido a Costa Rica

Costa Rica House We had the pleasure of welcoming FatLab Managing Director Ritz Penaranda and our client Dolores Alonso, Vice President of Membership & Business Development for the Food Processing Suppliers Association in McLean Virginia to the shores of Costa Rica.

Through a local school auction I picked an absolute beautiful house in Hacienda Pinilla for a week long stay. Sitting beside the Pacific Ocean and only about a 20 minute drive from the region’s famous surf village of Tamarindo, the location was beautiful.

Sunshine Guaranteed (not really)

In fact the only crappy part about the whole thing was that it was November and our rainy season was still putting up one last fight before our dry season kicks in, when you can pretty much guarantee no rain for 5 straight months. I felt so bad and was scared that it was going to be a complete washout. However the rains did clear and we had some beautiful days.

Private Meeting “Rooms”

Manta Ray Costa Rica
Our most serious discussions (not really) took place onboard the Manta Ray, a private charter catamaran, for a sunset cruise along the shores of Guanacaste. The sun was out, the seas not rough, the dolphins where playful and the deckhand made sure we were never without a drink. Dinner was cooked and served on board as we floated in a small cove about a 1.5 hour’s sail from Flamingo, where we caught the boat.

Com’ On Down

Seriously, come on down and visit me in Costa Rica. I can’t promise a seaside house to everyone but we’ll certainly do a sunset cruise and show you around!

Who’s next?

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