Best Side Story Media Launches New Site with FatLab responsive website screens

Best Side Story Media, a Northern Virginia video production and photography company, worked with FatLab over the last couple of months to build and launch a new website.

The website is part of our Genius Stack WordPress as a service offering where Best Side Media took advantage of getting a custom WordPress site built, and then post-launch unlimited support (no hourly billing), secure high-performance hosting, and managed software updates for a flat monthly fee.

For a video and photography company, we wanted to very much highlight the portfolio as that obviously speaks for itself in terms of the company’s service offerings.

To do this we created a custom module that allows us and our client to easily load videos from Vimeo. Simple API calls are made to Vimeo to pull the video title, thumbnail, and of course the actual video file. By utilizing Vimeo in this fashion, we get to lean on the million-dollar video delivery infrastructure of Vimeo that can adjust quality, stream, and buffering for various devices and network conditions. While making them available within a marketing website for Best Side Story Media.

The site opens most portfolio videos, photos, and case studies in a Lightbox modal which allows them to be seen at a higher resolution than if we had just embedded them into the page. We also built a function that allows the client to easily add transcripts to each video. In a video and image-rich site like this one, transcripts are important as they provide the text context that Google is looking for in SEO rankings. Not only that but it does provide a nice level of accessibility.

We look forward to working with this great company for years to come now that their new site has been launched.