An Insider’s View to How FatLab Operates: A Keynote Address

Our Presentation to the BNI McLean Business Forum

On Thursday, April 28th FatLab, LLC had the opportunity to present our company to the BNI McLean Business forum as this month’s keynote address to the organization. 

Due to continued COVID protocols, all meetings are still virtual and therefore we had the opportunity to get a little creative with our presentation. 

A Week in the Life of FatLab Web Support

We filmed a week of internal meetings, of course, held over Zoom, so that people could get a glimpse of how we operate… for real. 

OK, maybe not “for real” or maybe “a little too real” as you get to witness our clean-cut organized week slowly fall apart to the point where drinks are poured on Friday.

This is our attempt at comedy. Given that we are neither comedians nor film producers, the result is simply entertaining. 

The video starts off with a Monday new business meeting where we discuss why a potential client should host with us. We then move to a Wednesday production meeting whereby we discuss the new business win and the process of migrating their site from GoDaddy to FatLab. And then finally, Friday, where we wrap the week up.

Through our attempts at creating an otherwise boring topic of migrating a website from one host to another, we hope to provide an amusing insight into our team and company dynamics.