Agency Partner, Sage Growth Partners, and FatLab Launch New Site for iN2L

Sage Growth Partners, headquartered in Baltimore, MD, and an agency partner for over 5 years, launched a new website for It’s Never Too Late (iN2L) late last night. The FatLab team, with the lead of the Sage Growth communications and marketing team developed the custom website for iN2L. A WordPress based site with a custom theme and design will be a primary communications platform for the iN2L communications team and corporation.

iN2L is based in Denver, Co and provides tools that aid people in living quality lives within senior care centers, nursing homes and memory care centers. And in true partnership, iN2L has become a direct client of FatLab, LLC with the launch of the new site as they subscribe to our Watch Dog Hosting plan while we continually collaborate with Sage Growth to enhance their communications strategies.

You can learn more about our great partnership with Sage Growth here and check out iN2L’s new website here.


iN2L website launch