A Keynote and a Party

fatlab web support happy hour 2022 inviteI’m coming back to DC, and I could not be more excited!

Thanks to global events I haven’t done a whole lot of traveling over the last couple of years.

Of course, not… who has, right?

I am just itching to get on a plane and go somewhere. Granted the thought of sitting in a metal tube with a few hundred other people at thirty-five thousand feet going 500+ miles per hour is… well… I digress and I have a prescription for that anyway.

Remote Teams, In the Same Place (WOW)

This trip is exciting for a number of reasons. First of all, it will be the first time in years (many years) that Dolores, Ritz, and I will be in the same location! Sure, they see each other just about daily but because I manage the Costa Rica office (that is a joke, I just live here), I never get to hang with the team.

There are plenty of zoom meetings, virtual happy hours, and the like but even now that remote work has become the standard, there is something to be said for face time (and not the trademarked video service).

I also feel like so much has changed over the last couple of years. It used to be that when I went back to the Washington DC area (it used to be many times per year), I would hang out in Alexandria (my home for 16 years) and work downtown in “the District”. I would visit clients’ offices, hold lunch meetings and meet clients and partners after work for happy hours. Fast forward to this trip and I’ll just be hanging in McLean, Virginia.

Am I allowed to say I am going to “DC” anymore?

With so many of our clients going remote, and our business growing to serve more and more organizations outside the DC area, there are simply so few offices to visit anymore inside the District.

Talk ‘n Party

This trip will focus mainly on the BNI McLean Business Forum where we have grown as a network partner. I have many new clients, partners, and vendors to meet in person. The icing on the cake is that we will be presenting the keynote address to the BNI McLean Business Forum on Thursday, April 28th and then holding a thank you happy hour that evening.

Want an invite to either? Hit me up and see you in McLean, Virginia. 

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